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Naturex is an extensive portfolio of cleaning products with effective chemical formula development to meet your expectation. Under the brand name NATUREX, we recently started to offer a comprehensive line of our award-winning cleaning products in South Africa. We are committed to help, enrich and protect South African community by having a win-win approach for the environment and the economy. 
Natural Stuff is an importer and exporter of BotaLife brand cold pressed & essential oils and natural beauty products.  Our products are made of the 100% pure highest-quality ingredients, and we guarantee to only serve you with the highest quality products available in South Africa.
TRENDWORLD's major goal is to add a dash of flair to our customer's lives and enhance their way of living. We're only a click away! TRENDWORLD has a vast variety of products ranging from lifestyle, homeware, sport, electronics, health, toys, luggage, and much more.
Perfumes that are exceptional for everyone, every day, and every mood. Desire Perfume’s takes you on a wild voyage of scents ranging from sweet, spicy, bold, feminine, fresh, and warm with only one spray. Desire Perfume’s are inspired by famous designer perfumes
We have a large assortment of jewellery for you to pick from. From quirky to contemporary, elegant to extravagant, minimalist to colourful statement pieces, there's something for everyone. The major thing that sets us apart from other jewellery stores is that we offer high-quality jewellery at affordable pricing
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